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18 December 2009 @ 10:59 pm
ugg boots sale
06 January 2009 @ 12:43 am
"give it time"

How much until i stop feeling like i do....


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29 December 2008 @ 11:01 pm
I don't think i've ever had weirder dreams than i did this morning. It wasn't really a dream.......it felt like a very strange experience. They boys left this morning at 9 so i went back to bed. I THOUGHT that i was half away and i was lying on my side. It felt like someone grabbed hold of the back of my bra and pulled it so hard that it hurt my ribs. I was sleepily going owww ow ow ow and trying to get whoever off without making too much noise. Now, i have no idea whether that actually happened, or whether i actually made any noise. I then went back to sleep and had a dream....a VERY vivid one that Mark came back and said "our ferry isn't leaving until 4 so we've come back". I then fell asleep in my dream and woke up to Mark showing me a video on his phone of my talking and moving around in my sleep saying things about the dream i had (something about buses). It really freaked me out! I couldn't wake up, and when i finally did wake up i didn't know whether it was real or not.

I would love to know what the hell was going on with my head at that time! Brain waves and so forth. It was the most bizarre thing i have ever experienced. Thought i might share it....or just write it down lol

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Current Music: watching exorcism of emily rose
28 December 2008 @ 06:16 pm
This is actually retarded. I now remember why i haven't looked at facebook for three days. My mind just runs away with me anyway..not too sure why it should affect me. Technically none of my business so i should just shut up. Hmm

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I didn't feel christmassy at all, it was like any other day! Got my perfume (yay!) and money etc. Getting older = less presents :( Back to work as well which isn't too bad. Had Mark, Erik and Gordon staying since last sunday which has been nice, even if i have been at work! & when im not at work they were out and doing other stuff! They're going tomorrow...another day i have off haha Sods law.

Anyway pointless post, going to do something to take my mind off...my mind.
Current Mood: blahblah
17 December 2008 @ 06:02 pm
You know when you're bored when....

The highlight/biggest accomplishment of your day is completing Cliffs of Dover on Guitar Hero on hard mode..................

SOMEONE TAKE ME HOME NOW!!!! where i can't see my breath in steam form in my own room....
Current Mood: drainedmind-numbed
15 December 2008 @ 12:25 pm
There's only one thing to do at times like these. Rant.

Ok maybe not to that extent but i would really like to go home. Nothing ever gets done in this stupid house. I left a piece of work downstairs, a booklet of stuff with a huge amount of my notes on it which was meant to be my social coursework. Tried to find it a few days later, searched EVERYWHERE only to find out that it had probably been chucked out. Great. Why don't people just look at what they're throwing out before they do? Got to get other people's notes today so i can just about pass most likely. That booklet was my lifeline >-< 
The house is a mess and im perminantly getting told what to do "Grace can you clean the bathroom NOW please!" It was Frankie's rota turn last week and she didn't fucking do it so why hassle me. I don't even get spoken to in the way some people do here, at home! It's ridiculous! Plus the game of "balance the rubbish on top of the bin so i don't have to take it out" has started. Frankie never ever takes out the rubbish, and in the end i gave up and just took it out to find loads of shit behind the bin. Lovely.
Came downstairs last night (as i was ill so was in bed) and said "oh what's this film?", "stardust"..."oh i've never seen it, what's it about?", "stardust..", "Well yeah i gathered that but what's it actually about?", "stardust..and magic"...at which point i just replied "jesus fine don't tell me" GRR! Why are people so stupidly petty.

Anyway, time to go home soon. Everything turns out ok at home.
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
10 December 2008 @ 01:23 am
Well not written in here for a while...maybe i have had better things to do........maybe not.

Well Mike has gone now. Said my goodbyes to him outside - totally fine. Claire went to give me a hug so my emotions just thought they'd go all over the shop. Had to walk around tesco with red eyes looking for ice cream with Claire and Frankie. Bet i looked good..! Was a bit quiet for the weekend afterwards when i went home but, as usual, mums hugs fixed a lot. & my dads sympathetic smile - bless him =]

Had the clothes show on saturday in Birmingham. The day started...badly lol No trains so had to get a coach where the coach driver went the wrong way and had to make a u-turn, Julias contact lense was messing her up so her eye was very painful. When we got out the coach she threw up haha I had to go and find some tissue in the bullring (running around EVERYWHERE trying to find the toilets) and as we got into the clothes show she opened her bottle of coke and it went absolutely everywhere. We laughed about it afterwards though! I think the clothes show is getting more and more rubbish every year. Only good bargains were on the TIGI stand! Oh yeah and we paid £4 for a pasty....dear god. Anyway, not a bad day. Went out the night afterwards with Christina, dancing to our beef music.

Had our lovely christmas dinner tonight..with no running water! Should be back on in the morning...supposedly. Frankie and I got far too hysterical over pretending that we had had an "accident" everywhere in our house and we needed to wash it haha Did secret santa where (obviously...) i got made a prat out of! They had all wrapped up my cutlery, frying pan, glass and food...then gave me an empty box. Lovely kate, however, told me they were going to play a joke on me so i kinda had a heads up :) Food was amazing, as was the company and the film.

Absolutely can't wait to go back to Cheltenham. Still not feeling like im 100% here. When im with Christina and Spence and especially Liz...it's so different. I don't feel left out, i don't feel like people don't understand me, i don't feel like they don't respect my decisions even if they may be the wrong one. Want to be back with my mum and dad in my amazingly comfortable bed!!! Christmas time..only bought one christmas present! WHAT do you buy dads? Socks? Hankies?...!? No special presents this year. Kind of depressing actually. I used to love buying presents for someone and having the excitement of giving it to them and being with someone at christmas. Bleh. Not onto that tonight or i won't get off it.

Anyway time to watch a film

Current Mood: blahblah
20 November 2008 @ 10:58 pm
Ergh, have a cold again. Supriiiseee! Back at work for the four days i'm here in Cheltenham which isn't too bad, its money! Was rather dead today though. Back for the whole of christmas holidays until mid january which is also good, but im going to miss the boys from Holland being here for quite a bit! I have christmas eve, christmas day, and boxing day off though and then work at 11 on sunday so i can easily go out with them that night and show them the sights of cheltenham night life; chavs, drunks etc! I should have got rid of my cold by then...

Hopefully (if my housemates dont demand Mikes nintendo wii at the house....actually even if they demand..NO!) i will have the wii at my house over christmas so there goes my evenings lol Will most likely buy the new Guitar Hero for it as i am obsessed. I'll be spending money on a game i don't even OWN the console for haha But im very grateful for being allowed to take care of it *beams* But that does mean that when i get the wii it means Mikal has gone for 5 months =[ Bum. Hopefully going to see madagascar 2 before he goes though - no one else will appreciate it with me =] Actually...no one for the next five months will appreciate my weird sense of humour =[ and Claire won't be able to look at us weirdly and say "WHAT do you guys talks about...." lol

Nothing else to report. My fun life lol Anyway.
Current Mood: sicksniffly
05 November 2008 @ 02:56 am
My attempt at beating my evil wisdom tooth by buying mouthwash totally backfired. Does it make anyone else want to throw up?! Foul foul taste. Theres £3 of my money i'll never see again haha

I really should be in bed at this time in the morning, although i did have frankie lounging on my bed and hannah trying to get under my sheet this evening so i couldn't really nod off haha Hannah has to get out the house by 7:30 and at 1:50am she was still up being crazy. Luckily for me i have nothing tomorrow! =D Two practicals lined up for thursday and friday, but no health and psychophisiology lecture =[  Going home was just what i needed. Time with mum, time to do my work..just time away from everything here. I came back this morning and went straight to uni at 1:30pm to hand in my work. Wasn't much point in going back to mine as my lecture was at 3:30 so decided to do some social reading which i've been neglecting through general lack of motivation surrounding everythings thats been going on. Computer practical was too fast...for me. I don't like to blow my own trumpet but when it comes to SPSS i'm relatively quick but this was ridiculous! I got confused when i answered a question and the lecturer said "YES! Give the man a cigar"......did he honestly think i was a man?! haha

Anyway, Doms 21st party tomorrow which should be fun - fireworks and all! Sleep time for me, im my poor excuse for a "bed" =[ come back home bed!!

Current Mood: irritatedeeeewww
Current Music: Glósóli - Sigur Rós
31 October 2008 @ 08:14 pm
Well, i haven't slept. Just watched many many childrens films. Although on the plus side my A&F hoodie came. My god, possibly the most comfortable piece of clothing i own!! (Ooo fireworks are outside)

Yum yum. Worth my hard....loaned money! Everyone is going out tonight so i have the house to myself. Its an evening of marshmallow fluff, white hot chocolate, ben and jerrys, a bit of work, tv, slippers and shower. Sounds like a pretty good night in?

And my reign of 11 years without being sick hasn't been broken! Thank god!
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